Raw reviews


Raw is gearing up for Survivor series.

This weeks Raw started with a forum session for the WWE superstars to air their dirty laundry to Stephanie McMahon which, in true wrestling style ended with a pile up in the ring. It just never gets old.

The first match of the night saw Kelly Kelly, so beautiful they named her twice, versus Smackdowns Victoria. This was a match to publicise the Diva Survivor Series match. Some “OK” divas wrestling ended in Kelly Kelly getting a roll up for a surprise victory. This led to Victoria hitting her with ‘the widows peak’ in frustration before the Raw diva’s headed by the Glamazon came to Kelly Kelly’s aid.

The second match was Batista versus Manu. Some good smash mouth wrestling culminated in an obvious win for Batista

Evan Bourne then gave us a status report on his injured ankle before Mike Knox attacked him and Kofi Kingston backstage.

The last flurry of matches were geared around Survivor Series showing all Sundays competitors in action. Most notably a win for Miz and Morrison over Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio.

The Lumberjack main event between Randy Orton and CM Punk was my match of the week. Randy Orton was back to his best and it would be a massive surprise if he is not number one contender after Survivor Series.

Raw ended as it started, with a mass brawl in the ring. It seems to be the only way some Superstars actually get on the television nowadays.


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