Victoria leaving the WWE?


Rumours on the internet say that WWE diva Victoria is set to retire from the world of professional wrestling.

If she is to retire that would spell the end of the founding Diva’s. Victoria is a pioneer Diva along with other legendary diva’s such as Lita and Trish Status, as well as others.

She has helped pave the way for future DIva’s and if she leaves, she will be sorely missed as she is not only a beautiful Diva but an excellent wrestler.


One Response to “Victoria leaving the WWE?”

  1. the1jonnyrage Says:

    this if true has to be one of the most saddening stories in terms of talent leaving the grap game. victoria is one of the hardest working divas the wwe have had, in the ring and out…her time as the psycho diva with tatu’s ‘all the things she said’ entrance movie has to be her best times!!!!
    i will mis you….i hope to see one more widows peak before she goes though…

    that’s my two cents

    quote the raven…

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