All Star Wrestling comes to Hanley


The Victoria Hall in Hanley played host to All Star Wrestling on Saturday night, and the British company, with a little help from some foreign imports, put on a great show.

The main thing for an independent show to do is interact with its audience. All Star Wrestling set their event out to get the audience booing and cheering to the maximum, keeping the paying customers fully involved throughout.

The first match was a great example of this.  American ‘Cry baby’ Chad Collyer versus Liverpool’s Frankie Sloan.  As you may imagine cry baby was a whiney character who moaned about everything in and out of the ring. He did a great job in frustrating the Hanley crowd.

In contrast Frankie Sloan got the crowd on his side by inviting us to chant “England, England” at every opportunity. The match ended with Sloan hitting a splash from the top rope.

Bout two was an all lady affair between Sweet Saraya and Miss Britney, making her Victoria Hall debut. Sweet Saraya played the bad girl role by using tricks like biting her opponent and holding the ropes behind the referees back. This bad behaviour angered the crowd giving the match an almost pantomime atmosphere.

The match ended with Miss Britney hitting the Tarantula. This move was met with appreciation from pure wrestling fans in the crowd as it isn’t a move normally associated with independent wrestling shows.

Bout three was a very hardcore match between big men, Battling Barbarian and Drew McDonald. The match was rarely wrestled in the ring. This fight through the audience gave a sense that we were involved in the match. At one point Drew McDonald was busted open after being hit in the head. The sight of blood silenced the audience and especially those in the crowd who thought that wrestlers didn’t really bleed. The match ended a no contest setting up a potentially brutal Tables, Ladders and Chairs match when the company returns to Hanley.

After a brutal match it was pleasing to see a lucha libre style match between Jonny Storm and Stafford’s own, Kid Cool. The match was full of seemingly impossible, high flying moves. The match ended when Jonny Storm attempted a 619 for the kids in the front row wearing Rey Mysterio masks. However the move was missed and Kid Cool managed to get the three count, much to the delight of his home audience.

The welcome appearance of Total Nonstop Action’s British Superstar Doug Williams also gave the audience a chance to be within touching distance of a famous superstar. He appeared in the last match, a tag match. Doug Williams teamed up with James Mason. Mason is famous for appearing on WWE Smackdown and beating Superstar MVP. This obviously gave the team all of the crowd support.

When the opposition, Bad News Brown and Robby Dynamite entered the ring they were met with a rapture of boo’s and jeers, with one man from the front row even going to the ring edge to confront Brown. Brown played the bad guy perfectly. He squared up to the man in the crowd and threw his sweat at him. This attitude helped to escalate his bad guy image even further. This match showed the gulf in talent between independent wrestlers and wrestlers who have wrestled on a mainstream level. Williams and Mason were brilliant; they sold moves well and hit some high impact moves that wowed the audience.

All Star Wrestling returns to the Victoria Hall in the New Year.



One Response to “All Star Wrestling comes to Hanley”

  1. the1jonnyrage Says:

    hey, this was a great show as i was in attendance that night…and your right, the audience interraction was key to its sucess.
    a great review, i hope you keep up the good work

    quote the raven…

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