Return of The Hurricane!!!


I tuned into Smackdown this week and was ecstatic to witness the return of Hurricane Gregory Helms.

Helms had a career threatening injury in 2007 when he broke two vertebrea in his neck. But he has completed his rehabilitation and is now back to full fitness.

Ok, his image has changed. He has ditched the comic mask, green hair and cape and has gone for a much more conservative long hair and beard (which makes him look suspiciously like Dave Grohl).

For weeks we have been teased by the entertaining and comical “Hurrapop” promo’s. The promo’s have also brought a new phrase into the wrestling world. For weeks now I have been using the: “I’m just sayin” quote. You would be suprised how annoying people find it…

But last week we finally saw the return of one of my wrestling favourites.

I was taken back to my early teens when, during the match, he brought out the Hurricane taunt. I now realise how geeky that was but, oh well.


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