Our Poll was 100% wrong


An astounding 100% of you voted that you thought BG James would get the pink slip at Final Resolution. However, we saw the cases go to Jay Lethal, Curryman and the members of LAX.

At Final Resolution we saw Jay Lethal open his case and win a tag team title oppertunity.

I know I was wrong with my Final Resolution prediction but i will make a new prediction and say that Curryman aka Christopher Daniels will get fired and we will see the return of Christopher Daniels to help bolster the newly formed Front Line group.


One Response to “Our Poll was 100% wrong”

  1. the1jonnyrage Says:

    yeh so even the oracle of wrestling known as “the 1” jonny rage get one worng every now and again…to be honest i knew it would be on a TNA pay per view too such is their randomist style of booking haha!!
    lets hope curryman gets fired so they can bring back christopher daniels..as for the rest, i couldnt give a monkeys…
    great article spotmonkey, i just wish TNA would give you something good for you to right about

    until next time

    quote the raven…

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