WWE trimming the fat



So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night!!!!

 The WWE have decided this week to give the dreaded “WWE wishes them the best in all future endeavors” message to superstars Super Crazy, Kenny Dykstra, Elijah Burke and Lena Yada.

These releases were inevitable. The WWE over the last couple of years have been hiring wrestlers like they were going out of fashion and have inevitably been left with more superstars than are needed. Some with much more potential than others.

This seems to be a positive step from the WWE who are starting to trim the fat in an attempt to get the best out of their rosters. Maybe the credit crunch has hit the McMahon’s. Super Crazy, Dykstra and Burke have been gathering dust for months with no real fan interest. 

Super Crazy left of his own accord by all accounts, which im guessing didn’t go down well in WWE head office. I have an image of Mr McMahon spitting out his morning cup of coffee in suprise. Im sure the WWE can find a Mexican wrestler as a replacement if they wish to do so. Fair play to Super Crazy though. Not staying for the money may seem crazy but his love for wrestling is super. (sorry)

I remember Dykstra coming out and getting beaten up a couple of weeks ago. It seems that the more established guys in WWE really weren’t a fan of his attitude. After seeing that it was only a matter of time before he got released.

Elijah Burke being released is a suprise for me. He started off with a bang, being head of a faction no less. He had oodles of potential, I forsee him coming back in the near future.

With regard to Lena Yada, why the WWE felt it necessary to hire someone with almost no talent what so ever is beyond me.

The only thing i can criticise the WWE for is that they don’t decide to release some Superstars sooner. It seems that Superstars are given time to rot in the doldrums of dark matches for months with little to no television exposure before they are justifiably sent packing.

Watch your backs Superstars, the WWE are slimming down so be on top of your game!


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